Today a person I loved gave me some amazing compliments. Unfortunately, they were the kind that I knew would be leading up to something…

‘I hope you know that you are beautiful and have a lot to offer the world…’

“Thank you” – I replied. 🤷🏼‍♀️

‘Some of your posts though. (Silence) do you think you’re depressed?’

Shock and self-doubt came screeching up in a hurry. Anger soon followed suit.

My response was out in an instant. “No, I’m not depressed. I just get sick of people posting that their life is always cupcakes and rainbows. Because it’s not. Sometimes it’s hard. Parenting is hard. Some days you find yourself with your head in your hands, wondering what happened here. And people only showing off their glowing, perfect lives on social media make me mad. And it makes some people depressed. So I’m not going to be like that. I want people to know it’s okay to struggle.”

The conversation continued and changed course, but my mood had definitely been impacted by the interaction. After reflecting, I realized the question came from a place of love, which helped dissipate my anger.

I’m not depressed. I have anxiety, yes. Depression, no. If I did, I hope I would have the courage to own it. The stigma around mental illness is incredibly frustrating and delays treatment.

I did not think I was one of those adding to the stigma, until I found myself feeling insulted by that question. How humbling. Disappointing as well, but another opportunity to grow.

So today, my friends, I encourage you to check in on those people around you. Whether their posts have you concerned or it is changes in behavior. Ask how they are.

And if you’re struggling with something, reach out. Hold on. I’m praying for you. 🙏

With love and light,


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