It was a rough morning in our house.

Our oldest is unhappy and struggling. Frustrations from school lead to aggression and outbursts at home. He does not respond well to a strong hand, which makes managing these issues difficult. Yet yelling still happens. Because well… I’m human.

Our middle is learning, but his mother is worried that he is behind. Working on letter recognition led to frustration and tears. Another failure on my part. Great.

The little has hand foot mouth. Moana has been on repeat for nearly a month. She is up and down and all around. #exhausting

Parenting is hard. So hard. Somedays it seems as though nothing you do is right. Or good enough. 🙈

I know other moms certainly must have days like this. But it still sucks when you’re in the midst of it.

So. If you had a morning like mine, I am with you. I believe in you. I know you love those kids more than seems humanly possible. I know you are trying with everything in you. You are enough, mama (or daddy). You can do this.

Let’s both say a little prayer and get back in here. Google for some fresh ideas or reach out to others for support. We’ve got this.



One thought on “Rough

  1. I was a stay at home mom when our 3 were little. There were many #momfail days. But I can tell you that my kids turned normal. Haha and they thought I was a pretty terrific mom. Thank you, Lord, for selective memories. Hang in there, parents. The good days far outweigh the ugly days and God is full of grace!


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