My family and I witnessed the coolest thing a few nights ago. Our youngest, Rory, was climbing up the small slide in our basement and about to slide down joyously. Unfortunately, her foot got caught and she fell backwards off the slide. She landed on her back on the ground… with a toy in the middle of her back for a little extra fun. We all held our breath as her cousins ran to check on her. She cried and ran to me for a hug.

I consoled her for maybe 20 seconds, then she got back up and tried it again. Just like that. That quickly. We all cheered. She smiled. It was awesome. And I thought, wow. She is a rockstar! I wish I was like that. That fall and injury were quickly forgotten after a hug. And then She Got. Right. Back. Up. There.

When did I become so afraid of failure? And why? I cannot even tell you how many times I have refused to try things because I was afraid of failure. Or embarrassment. And that is DUMB. I have missed out on adventures and opportunities due to this self-consciousness.

But… I grabbed some chalkpaint and painted my door last week. Then put a coat of wax on it. All by myself. And I love it. The bed frame could have been a little better, but I tried. #lawofbalances

And it was fun! I turned on some Casting Crowns and just tried something. I worshipped while I worked and was joyful. It was a great day. I should probably mention that my husband said he would not get mad if it was a flop, so there’s that. Less pressure was a good thing. 😉

Today, I challenge you to try something that scares you. Something that maybe you’ve failed at previously, or have just been too fearful to even attempt.* View that failure or misstep as a lesson and try, try again. Don’t be afraid of failure just because you’re a grown-up.

You can do it! And if not, you can always try again tomorrow.

I believe in you, and so does He.

Thanks for reading,


*If that thing you’re trying has some risks, take the necessary precautions (i.e. if its swimming, have someone who can swim nearby). 😉

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