Writing is incredibly liberating, but also completely terrifying.

As someone with anxiety, I can assure you that I overanalyze what I share. I sweat and stew about how people may interpret my musings, when I truly have good intentions with sharing.

Additionally, I am quite self conscious. I know that there are MANY areas that I could improve myself. There are many things I struggle with.

But I also have strengths. I love hard. I try hard. I love learning and being challenged and helping other people.

All of these characteristics are part of why I want to continue writing this blog. Because while I know many people will do things differently than I do, or see things differently than I do… there are some people that may find comfort and reassurance in these posts.

They will realize that someone else is not afraid to admit that momming is hard. That adulting is hard. That seeking God and understanding religion is far from easy.

But God is good. And life is beautiful. And there are so many reasons to be thankful…

Thanks for reading,


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