Unfamiliar territory

It’s been a while since I’ve written, as I have felt somewhat hesitant to share my thoughts as I made my way through the New Testament. That and the business that comes with my wife + mom gig, along with PharmD’ing and R+F’ing.

Anywho. I really enjoyed the gospels. Reading about Jesus and his actions are so humbling. His storytelling techniques can be pretty hard to decipher, but I really have started thinking through my actions in a different way. I try to use patience and lead with love, although this Trudeau temper runs deep. I’m basically bringing back the #wwjd phenom. Although I still fail in many ways daily, as we all do. He saved me on the cross, so trying to lead with kindness seems like a pretty small job in comparison.

Working through the bible did cause me to stumble upon some inflammatory verses. Women being silent in churches and wives submitting to husbands. This girl did not agree or appreciate those sentiments. But I’ve done research and am finding some context. Can’t say I’ve completely worked it out, but I’m trying.

The biggest thing, for me, is that I’ve started craving that time. I enjoy reading the Bible. I enjoy praying. Although, I did have an angry entry the other day in my prayer journal. #seeabove #strongwoman #angryelf

But I think that’s okay. I felt better after I voiced my frustration about that particular verse, and then I did some research.

My take home message is this:

Pray. However you want to start. Whether its awkward or not. Just Pray. Whether you’re happy or sad or mad or scared. Just pray. Make it a habit. 🙏

I have a prayer journal that I write in, which I love. I can go back to see what I was praying for a few months ago and where I am now. I also like to write out verses that I’m pulled to on that particular day.

And through it all, remember that Jesus dined with the sinners. He is here for you all the time, regardless of what sins may be in your past/present.

This girl is off to bed. Good night all!


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