A daughter

I am new to this whole girl-mom thing, and I am extremely surprised by how different it seems to be (at least in our home).

Certainly there are similarities, but Rory is so much more interested in mimicking my actions. I do not recall the boys ever following me around while I tried to get ready for bed and doing exactly what I do.

Its heartwarming, but also a little daunting. I want to make sure I am being a good, strong role model for her. I hid the scale. I’m trying to stop with the negative self-talk, which is no easy feat for this procrastinating perfectionist… #notagreatcombo

I see her watching me and learning. And I force myself to show her confidence and strength. Weakness and fear certainly sneak in at times, but I hope she sees how I lean into God and her father for support.

I hope that she knows she can be both strong and supported. So many things to teach these young ones. So many great opportunities to empower them and show them all of us.

I hope I can be brave enough not to hide all my weaknesses. And that I can overcome some of them as well. #faithituntilyoumakeit

So… I guess this is my reminder that your littles are watching and learning. You don’t need to be perfect, but don’t be afraid to own your mistakes when they happen.

How else will they learn to fail with grace (and win with humility) if not from you?

Thanks for reading,


P.S. the sass on this little ray of sunshine is a little concerning at times… #daughter #sheMAYgetthatfromhermomma

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