Saying Yes

I just snuck downstairs after snuggling a 6 y.o. ninja until he fell asleep. I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about the ridiculousness of his outfit, along with his brother’s in the room beside him…

You see, tonight, dad was in charge of the showers, the brushing of teeth, and the other necessities for bedtime.

When I walked up the steps to fulfill my cuddling duties, I was greeted by the boys climbing into Halloween costumes. I laughed and said I had come up to help with bedtime, but that it looked like dad had things under control. 😁 Brandon laughed and shook his head.

It was past our goal bedtime, but pretty much right on for our normal. I was tired. Brandon worked this weekend, so he was as well. Fatigue is not as readily accepted in our children, and our 4 y.o. decided that his 1st costume was too tight so he needed a different one. He accepted the second option when he was informed there was no other option available (besides normal pjs). #sometimesanoisneeded

And then I snuggled with my young ninja and smiled. 😍🙂 I realized that if I had been in charge, we likely would have skipped the costumes. I am an efficient bedtime leader, as this momma is usually ready for some quiet time. I imagine I would have given a hard no to that request.

But… I also realized that this is one of my favorite memories of late. Of their joyful faces as they got into bed with their costumes on.

This was a good reminder to say “yes” a little more often…

Especially when that yes costs no money and offers another reason to use those costumes. 🙌🏼

Also… dads rock. ⬇️ #bothtrueandhilarious

Happy Sunday!


P.S. Shonda Rimes wrote a book on this as well. Check it out below if you’d like!

#parenting #sayyes #daddyissmart

7 thoughts on “Saying Yes

  1. I love saying yes to simple requests!! Wyatt and Layla have been into wanting to wear shorts and tanks tops around the house….even last weekend as the blizzard raged outside our windows. 😊


  2. Absolutely! A good friend of mine told me when I was stressed out and felt like all I did all day was say “no”, that her and her husband made a pact that they would save “NO” for those absolutely necessary times. I liked that — and it does seem to make everyone a little happier!


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