We’re on day 2 of our family vacation and it’s been a wild ride.

Excitement of an airplane ride faded pretty quickly, as our kids like to be on the move. Thank God for movies on the 2nd flight. For reasons unknown, they are much better than a movie on an iPad.

Yesterday we went to Universal studios.

I have loved Harry Potter since they were first published. My mom would preorder each new book for me, and I would make sure to reread the prior books before diving into the newest installment. I would become a hermit for days, devouring those tales and loving the magical world created by J.K. Rowling.

After seeing the pictures I posted yesterday, a friend messaged me and said ‘You look like you’re loving life right now. It’s so awesome.’

I started typing back, ‘I am, but it would be better without’

I was interrupted by Rory going on a stroll in the crowd. Or Cai needing to tell med a story about his new dinosaur. I looked around and saw so much joy. Also exhaustion and hunger, but JOY.

I was going to type ‘without kids.’ What a crappy thing to think let alone nearly type. Traveling with them had been difficult. Cai had mutiple meltdowns while at HP world and Rory was being a toddler. Wandering everywhere and yelling when she heard the word “no.”

But man. The look on their faces. The wonder. It’s all worth it.

Allowing Rory to roam around gave so many other people a small reason to smile.

We’re making memories. Its exhausting, physically and emotionally. But I am so thankful.

I am voting we do an annual trip and just scratch the whole gift giving thing. We’ll see if I can sell them on that. πŸ˜€πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŒž

Thanks for reading,


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