So… how was your day?

After laying both boys to bed for the night (baby girl was already asleep), I went back downstairs to put away the groceries. A few moments later, I think I hear our 6 y.o. say, “So, Mom…”

I turn around and look up to the top of the stairs, and see a cute little head looking down on me with a grin. I ask with a smile in return, “Hey bud. What did you say?”

“How was your day?” -Ro. That’s what I thought he had said.

“Are you wanting me to come back up and talk with you?” -me


“Okay. Let me get the rest of the groceries put away and then I’ll head up.”

“Okay…. Hey! Look, dad got the milk I like.”

“Yep, he did. That was pretty nice of him. Right?”

He then proceeds to walk into his brother’s room and tell Brandon thank you for getting the groceries.

“Ya coming, mom?” he asks right before I head up the stairs. His loving, happy grin melts my heart and my mind wanders… How is this my firstborn? I remember him as a baby so clearly.

We do not cuddle and chat at bedtime every night, but I try to do this at least a few times a week. Some talks are shorter due to his demanding younger siblings, but sometimes we can spend 20 minutes talking about whatever comes to mind.

Some of our most interesting conversations have dove into reproduction (can you say deer in the headlights?!) and death, while others have been pretty superficial. This kid has so many questions (‘how are eyes made? where does electricity come from?’), and most of the time I do not know all the answers. I cannot tell you how many times I have told him that we would have to look it up in the morning.

But I do always try to be honest with him. I try to ensure he has understood what we talked about. And I remind him why I am honest with him.

I want him to know that if he ever has questions about things, he needs to come to mom and dad. Not someone at school. Mom and Dad. We’ll try to be honest and we’ll try to explain. We do not know everything, but we will try to help him find the answers. Always.

Here’s hoping that these small conversations about Legoland, soccer, and what happened at recess will equate to the BIG conversations about sex, drugs, and life as he grows up.

Thanks for reading,


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