About that name

I have been praying for a sign regarding what I should be doing with my life for years. A bout of insomnia allowed me to find the courage I needed to jump into blogging.

Part of my hesitancy prior to that late night jump stemmed from deciding on a name. There were so many options, and a name conveys so much to the reader.

I have a tendency to call myself a hot mess, as organization is not my strong suit, and cleaning is something I have never enjoyed or felt overly compelled to keep up with.

Additionally, I have always been easily swayed to nervousness and anxiety. This tendency reached an unsustainable level after the birth of baby #3.

As I have worked to improve myself and my mindset, I have realized that ‘hot mess’ has a negative connotation for me. I thought I had been lightly making fun of myself, but I was really just reinforcing some of the issues I have been working to change.

I cannot recall where ‘beautiful mess’ originated, but my feelings associated with those words are much more positive, calming, and reassuring. I realized that God would probably much prefer me in this headspace.

I am His beautiful mess. This world is His beautiful mess.

I am no theologian, but I’m quite sure that we are the ones that have created this mess, both within ourselves and our world. Certainly some people have helped along the way, but try to stick with me here.

We have created a mess. Should we try to clean up? Definitely. I think it’s our calling.

But I also think that we need to remember that He is the reason for all of the beauty and glory surrounding us. Seek the beauty. Thank Him for the beauty. And try to create more. Within yourself. Within your home. Within your community, state, country, and eventually the whole world.

If we all do a little, big changes can be made.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and have a glorious Thursday!


P.S. I did debate between this beautiful mess and His beautiful mess. I decided on this as to avoid any possible confusion of whom the His was referring to (as i do have a pretty phenomenal husband). 😉

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